BUMPERS U.S.A. – Solid Rubber Weights

At the end of your feet lie ten of the best reasons to consider Bumpers solid rubber weights. Your toes chances of being smashed or broken are greatly reduced by using Bumpers instead of conventional metal weights.

Bumpers solid rubber construction protects the athlete as well as saves wear and tear on Olympic bars, and weight room floors.

It’s no wonder that many professional sports teams and major universities have begun to use Bumpers.

There are of course no sure things in your battle against injuries. But at least Bumpers will give your toes a fighting chance.

Bumpers are available in 45 pound black plates, 35 pound red plates and 25 pound blue plates. So if you are serious about safety call (330)336-6777.

Some of the organizations now using Bumpers U.S.A.

  • Cleveland Browns
  • Green Bay Packers
  • University of Akron
  • Louisiana State Univ.
  • Louisiana Tech.
  • University of Arkansas
  • University of Nebraska
  • Mississippi State
  • University of Iowa
  • University of Southern California
  • Denver Broncos
  • Tampa Bay Buchs
  • and many more!

Some Very Good Reasons Why You Should Consider Bumpers Solid Rubber Weights…

  • Protects the athletes from injury
  • Saves wear and tear on Olympic bars and weight room floors
  • Great for explosive types of lifts such as power cleans, dead lifts and presses
  • Color coded for your convenience
  • Guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials
  • Can be combined with Olympic weights 35 lbs or less

Bumpers U.S.A. are manufactured by Qualiform, LLC of Wadsworth, Ohio.

Solid rubber Bumpers are produced of the highest quality and workmanship.

Qualiform Rubber Bumpers

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