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Rubber to Metal Bonding | The Basics

Rubber to metal bonding refers to the process by which rubber build material mechanically bonds to a metal insert to form a custom part. Overall, combining the rubber injection molding and rubber transfer molding processes to encapsulate and bond rubber to metal is the most effective method. 

Preparation for the Bonding Process

The rubber to metal bonding preparation is a two-step process. Before the rubber to metal bonding process begins, fabricators first prepare the metal for production by removing all contaminants before applying adhesive. Next, fabricators activate the adhesive with heat and apply the adhesive to the metal surfaces using a technique similar to spray painting. Once fabricators have prepared the metal surfaces, the production process can begin.

Two-Step Bonding Process

After preparation, fabricators place the parts into a mold cavity. If only a specific area requires the bonding process, then fabricators use magnets to hold the metal material into place. If the metal part requires full encapsulation by the rubber material, then fabricators use chaplet pins to hold the metal in place. Once the metal parts are in place, the rubber to metal bonding process begins. As the temperature increases, the adhesive activates and forms the mechanical bond between the rubber and metal.

Rubber to Metal Bonded Parts

Rubber to metal bonded parts are ideal for applications that require significant rubber flexibility and metal stability. Qualiform molds both natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Just some of the materials Qualiform has available for fabrication include Viton, neoprene, colored compounds, butyl, nitrile rubber and EPDM rubber, for example

Qualiform outperforms all other rubber molding companies by producing both the largest and most complex parts in the industry.

About Qualiform

If you have been looking for reliable rubber to metal bonding services, then you can feel confident in counting on the team from Wadsworth, Ohio’s Qualiform. Turn to the experts from Qualiform to collaborate with your team from the first design stages to the end phases of product development. You can depend on Qualiform to commit to your team and to your project goals. 

Qualiform distinguishes itself from competing rubber fabrication companies by committing to green initiatives. In fact, the professionals from Qualiform set aside significant resources to environmental efforts to keep rubber out of landfills.

Qualiform serves as a leading resource for custom rubber product design and manufacturing. Customers also count on the Qualiform team for a complete selection of rubber fabrication methods. 

To list, the Qualiform team offers leading rubber injection molding, rubber compression molding, rubber to metal bonding, rubber extrusion, rubber transfer molding and more. Connect with the dedicated team from Qualiform today to take the next step in your project.


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