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Qualiform is a leading supplier of manufactured custom rubber products. We offer a variety of high-performance rubber components as well as precision rubber molding and manufacturing services. We specialize in custom injection molding, transfer molding, extrusion, rubber to metal bonding and much more! Furthermore, we have many years of experience in the rubber molding industry. As a result, we have developed comprehensive knowledge of rubber molding components, materials and manufacturing techniques. Qualiform can assist you with the design and manufacturing of virtually any component, ensuring it offers optimal performance in any application.

We take pride in our custom manufactured rubber products, so we always use the best materials and techniques to ensure you get the best components for your application. Prior to manufacturing your components, we will work closely with you to gain a complete understanding of your needs and application requirements. As a result, we will be able to more effectively develop high-performance components. Furthermore, we work to ensure both uniformity and precision throughout the entire design and manufacturing process while offering competitive pricing.

The Custom Rubber Products You Need | Molded Rubber Components

Qualiform is always working to meet and exceed your quality and performance standards, so you always get the most value out of your rubber components. Throughout the process, we will offer expert design advice and material recommendations to ensure your project fulfills your needs. Qualiform has the experience, knowledge, and state-of-the-art technology necessary for meeting the requirements of any application and even generating brand new components.

We also have the ability to deliver rubber components in a variety of colors including green, blue, yellow, brown, and beige. Additionally, if you are looking for more unique color blends, we can develop custom coloring solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Meeting Your Application Requirements

Initially, we will work by your side to gain a full understanding of your products specifications and your applications unique requirements. This will include identifying the proper materials, the components application, and the quantity of components you need. We have a team of custom rubber molding specialists that will then determine which materials and manufacturing techniques will be most effective for the creation of your products.

Once we find the most efficient and cost-effective solutions, we can start creating material compounds and designing tooling, so we can meet the quality and performance standards of your application. We have access to a diverse selection of rubber materials and compounds. As a result, we can fulfill the requirements of highly complex applications. We also offer various manufacturing services:

In addition, with our immense industry experience, we can create custom solutions for components we have not yet encountered. Therefore, Qualiform’s expert team can complete any project regardless of the application.

Quality Material Selection | Molded Rubber Products

Deciding which rubber materials are the most optimal for your component can be a complicated process. Many materials overlap in terms of features, so there is rarely a singular answer during the initial design phase. However, working with a proven custom rubber molding company will help you eliminate any confusion in regards to the selection of materials. We have the knowledge and experience to offer expert material recommendations for developing the components you need.

Qualiform considers all factors of design, manufacturing, and application when choosing materials for our custom rubber products. Upon developing a complete understanding of your needs, we can make accurate material selections. We offer a wide catalog of materials and rubber compounds for meeting and exceeding even the most complex requirements and specifications. We mold both synthetic and natural rubber materials including:

Contact us today, and we can begin providing design and material recommendations for your rubber components.

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