The Rubber Extrusion Process

Qualiform is a leading provider of extruded rubber products in the industry. We utilize an advanced, precise rubber extrusion process, so every customer receives the best product for their application. As a top rubber extrusion manufacturer, we have the ability to develop custom die for each customer’s unique design. Our rubber extrusion process offers a variety of advantages:

  • Ability to create various unique shapes
  • Efficient and cost-effective production
  • Lightweight, durable products
  • Low waste production

Qualiform’s Rubber Extrusion Process

We manufacture extruded rubber parts with soft, unvulcanized rubber materials. The extrusion process makes these materials even more soft and flexible, so we need to vulcanize the extruded product to harden it prior to application.

The rubber extrusion process  begins with feeding unvulcanized rubber into an extruder, which feeds the materials into a hopper. The hopper then pushes the rubber through a variety of flutes in a revolving screw. The screw then forces the rubber through a die of the desired cross section under pressure and temperature that increase as the material approaches the die.

Upon reaching the extrusion die, the pressure will force the material through the die’s openings. As a result, the material will swell depending on the specific rubber compound’s innate hardness and other characteristics. This swelling also means the components will require plus or minus tolerances on cross sections.

Vulcanization of Rubber Extrusions

Post-processing of rubber extruded products involves vulcanization of the materials. As a result, the rubber becomes far stronger, so it can offer more effectiveness in its application. We cure the rubber with sulfur and other curing agents. We also perform other secondary processes such as cutting to size, splicing, drilling, end joining and powder dusting to avoid any sticking.

Vulcanization will also cause shrinkage and swelling in the components, which varies depending on the type of rubber materials involved. Once we finish the vulcanization process, the extruded part will typically reduce in size in the center more than at its ends.

As a leading provider of rubber extrusion services, Qualiform’s technical staff will assist you at every step of this process.

Rubber Extruded Seals and Gaskets

One of our specialties is the production of rubber extruded seals and gaskets. Extruded seals and gaskets are useful in a wide variety of applications including EPDM rubber seals, rubber tubing, o-ring cords, locking gaskets, flare trim, trim seals and rubber edge trim. We can also provide them in shapes such as squares, cords or other custom hollow shapes. Furthermore, we can recommend the best rubber compound or synthetic compound for compression sealing.

If you are looking for rubber extrusion service or other rubber manufacturing services, contact Qualiform today or learn more on our Rubber Molding Resources page.

Factors Affecting Rubber Tolerances
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