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What’s the process to get a quotation?

Please provide a print or a sample of your part for review. In order to assist in tooling design, please include your estimated annual usage requirements. Please indicate the material, if the material is unspecified or unknown, please describe the environment in which it will be used.

Can Qualiform assist with the design of my custom rubber part?

Qualiform Rubber Molding can assist in the initial design phase all the way through your final approval of the part.

What if I don’t know which polymer or durometer is best suited for my application?

Draw on Qualiform’s 32+ years of experience in custom rubber molding to assist you in determining the proper polymer for your application as well as your durometer requirements.

What is the lead time when I place an order that requires a tool?

The average lead-time for prototype tools is 2-4 weeks. For production compression or transfer tooling the lead-time is 6-8 weeks. The average production time for rubber injection molding tooling is 8-10 weeks. Qualiform understands that there may be instances that will require improved tooling lead-time and we work with our tooling shop to meet customer requirements.

Is my tooling manufactured in the United States?

Qualiform purchases 100% of its rubber molding tooling in the United States which allows for faster lead times and faster responses to customer design changes.

What is Qualiform’s part lead time?

From receipt of order, depending on order quantity, most parts can be shipped per your order requirements in 3-4 weeks.

Can Qualiform use existing tooling?

In most cases, tooling will fit into Qualiform’s presses occasionally a minor tooling modification may be required.

Once I pay for the rubber molding tooling, who owns the tooling?

Tooling is custom to our customer’s design and therefore the property of our customers once payment is received.

For rubber to metal bonding applications can Qualiform source my metal components?

Qualiform works with several supply chains to source the required metal stamping or insert.

Can Qualiform match my custom color requirements?

Quailiform Rubber Molding can match any color requested. We work with our rubber suppliers to provide exact color matches.

The Custom RUBBER Molding Experts

Any More Questions?

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