Stop & Talk™ – A Unique, Multi-Function, Device Holder and Door Stop in One

Qualiform is excited to introduce Stop & Talk. Stop & Talk makes hands free phone/iPad viewing easy and affordable. And when you need a door-stop, simply place your Stop & Talk in front of a door and you have a functional adaptable door-stop. Stop & Talk is made from the highest quality, non-marking rubber. It comes in a variety of colors. Most importantly, Stop & Talk is made right here in the USA!


  • 3 in 1
  • Hands-free cell phone holder
  • Hands-free tablet holder
  • Non-slip door stop wedge


  • Great for video conference calls
  • Great for selfie videos
  • Carry it in a purse, backpack or pocket!
  • Fits any size phone or tablet

Made in America

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