Custom Industrial Rubber Parts for Any Application

Across many markets and industries, many companies rely on Qualiform to provide quality industrial rubber parts to support their success. We make it a priority to educate ourselves on your business so that we can provide the right solution the first time.

Customers across a wide array of markets and industries have confidence in our industry experience and expertise. With our diverse network of industry contacts and subject matter experts, we are able to meet and exceed your needs on time, every time. Here are some of the markets and industries we operate in:


The agricultural industry is one of the largest and most important industries in the world. Farmers rely on many forms of equipment to produce food, maintain crops, and take care of livestock, and much of this equipment needs rubber components to function properly. Tractors, harvesters, sprinkler systems, and basic hand tools are just a few examples of agriculture equipment that utilizes rubber parts.

These rubber parts must be able to withstand the many harsh conditions of the industry such as UV rays, heat, inclement weather, chemicals, and more. Here at Qualiform, we produce seals and gaskets with resistances that allow them to offer superior performance in agricultural applications. We can help you find the ideal rubber components and compounds to ensure your equipment continues to operate reliably.

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Tractor plowing a field


Automotive vehicles are complex machines that have numerous moving parts that are critical for operation. If just one part is out of place or functioning improperly, the performance of the entire vehicle suffers. This applies to more than just pistons and fuel injectors, however. Even the smallest rubber components have a significant impact on how a vehicle operates.

Here at Qualiform, we offer immense experience in developing components for the automotive industry. Sealing, noise reduction, vibration reduction, and shock absorption are a few common applications for our rubber parts. We can also customize our automotive rubber solutions to ensure optimal performance with your particular vehicle.

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Home Appliances

Nearly every appliance in your home involves rubber components. Some common applications for rubber parts in home appliances include washing machines, dryers, A/C units, refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, and more. One appliance may need rubber parts with significant resistance to high temperatures while another needs parts that function as insulation to prevent heat from getting in. So, each appliance requires parts with different rubber compounds and resistances.

With our experience in the manufacturing of custom rubber components, we can help you determine the best materials and designs for your specific home appliance. We are equipped to offer many rubber compound recommendations, ensuring they offer optimal performance in the given appliance.

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Electrical Industry

Rubber is the most effective insulation material for electricity. The electrical industry depends on rubber parts to act as protective equipment for electricians working in homes, businesses, or on power lines. Rubber components also protect you in your home in the form of outlet covers and appliance cords.

Electrical rubber parts must be able to protect against shock, resist corrosive chemicals, and minimize electromagnetic interference to ensure the safe operation of power lines, transformers, and electric systems in various buildings. They can also function as seals to prevent water and other contaminants from breaching equipment.

For some applications, typical rubber parts from a hardware store may get the job done. However, most equipment requires parts that meet tighter tolerances to ensure the protection of critical electrical components. Qualiform offers the experience necessary for developing custom rubber components that meet the needs and requirements of the electrical industry.

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Electrical transformers

Lawn and Garden

If you happen to be a gardener or you simply enjoy maintaining your lawn, you have plenty of experience with many different tools. Whether trowels, shovels, rakes, rubber parts are central to the design of gardening tools. Not only do you need to be able to grip your tools reliably, but the grip also needs to resist damage from the sun, rain, chemicals, and more.

Rubber parts are not just for hand tools either. These components are used in the construction of larger equipment like mowers, cultivators, and fertilizer spreaders in the form of seals that need to resist environmental factors but also abrasions and vibrations.

With our full selection of rubber compounds and expert designers, Qualiform can assist you in developing the ideal rubber components for virtually any lawn and garden application.

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Material Handling and Distribution

Material handling and distribution facilities utilize numerous forms of heavy equipment to efficiently store and ship products. Forklifts, trucks, conveyors, and many other forms of industrial equipment use rubber components as seals. This prevents water and other materials from getting in from the outside while keeping materials like fuel from leaking out.

Freight handling equipment produces significant amounts of vibration, so the rubber parts need to particularly tough. In order to maintain their sealing capabilities, these rubber components need to be durable enough to resist constant external pressure. Here at Qualiform, we choose rubber compounds and designs that ensure long-term performance in even the most intense applications.

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Forklift in a Tire Storage Facility


All tools and equipment in the medical industry are subject to a strict series of rules and regulations from the HHS. These regulations ensure that these tools not only work as intended but are also safe for use around patients. Sterility is particularly important, as risking infection is the last thing any medical professional wants to do.

Medical equipment with rubber components can range from simple instrument handles and tubes to more complex applications like prosthetics and implants. Some rubber compounds may be safe for one medical application while others are not, so choosing the proper design and materials is critical. With Qualiform, you can ensure you receive medical rubber parts with precision manufacturing and the ideal rubber compound for any medical application.

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Transportation and transit need quality rubber parts for safety and performance in many applications. A unique part of this industry is that we cannot simply address automobiles but also planes and trains. Most commonly, rubber parts come in the form of door and window seals, lighting gaskets, and engine door seals.

Material selection is especially important for transportation all types of vehicles put rubber parts under significant stress. Planes in particular produce extreme vibrations and temperatures during takeoff, landing, and while flying at high altitudes. On top of that, these rubber parts need to withstand weather conditions, abrasions, impacts, moisture buildup, solvents, chemicals, and more!

Depending on the form of transit, the resistances your parts need will vary, so how do you choose the best rubber compound? Qualiform offers invaluable expertise in rubber material selection, so we can help you find the ideal compound for your specific application.

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Window Glazing

Rubber extrusion is a Qualiform specialty that allows us to create rubber parts in a full range of shapes and sizes. We can adjust our process to produce virtually any extrusion profile to your exact specifications.

One of the more common uses of rubber extrusions is window glazing seals. Window glazing is designed to seal windows and prevent air, water, and other materials from leaking in or out. These extrusions can also ensure the glass is secure, so vibrations cannot it out of place.

Sealing your windows ensures that air does not leak out of the building. Residential and commercial properties are fond of window glazing seals and rubber profile edging because they noticeably reduce energy consumption and costs. With our experience in rubber extrusion, we can develop custom rubber extrusion profiles for any window configuration, ensuring effective sealing for any application.

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Window Glazing Seals
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