rubber services

A Full-range of Rubber Services from Qualiform

Qualiform Rubber Molding offers a full range of rubber services to produce rubber components used across a wide range of industries.  Qualiform molded rubber products are often used in many automotive, appliance, electronic, and aerospace applications.

rubber extrusion

Rubber Extrusion 

Custom rubber extrusion in an unlimited combination of extrusion profiles.  No matter what the application, rely on Qualiform for expert technical support and material recommendations, high-quality products, dependable delivery, and outstanding customer service.

rubber molding examples

Rubber Molding

Qualiform Rubber Molding delivers fast, reliable manufacturing of high-quality rubber products at a competitive price.  A wide range of rubber compounds, additives and fibers can produce virtually and product characteristics from abrasion resistance to chemical resistance.

Rubber transfer molding

The rubber transfer molding process combines the advantages of injection rubber molding with the ease of compression molding. This process is ideal for forming exact precision or intricate rubber parts or bonding rubber to rubber fragile metal.

Compression Molding Rubber Components

Compression Molding

Rubber compression molding is ideal for low to medium volume production of rubber products.  It is the best rubber molding process for materials with a high cost and applications that demand extreme hardness.

Rubber injection molding products

Rubber Injection Molding

Rubber injection molding can produce solid rubber parts and rubber-to-metal bonded products.  Natural and synthetic rubber compounds can provide a wide variety of properties that solve problems from seals or gaskets, noise and vibration isolation, abrasion, and impact resistance.

rubber to metal bonding

Qualiform is the industry leader in the most effective processes to bond metal and rubber, rubber to metal bonding.  This rubber process is predominantly used for bonding rubber components to steel, aluminum, brass and plastic. We have customized rubber to metal molding and bonded solutions to meet customer requirements.