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Custom Rubber Compression Molding

Compression Molding is the original production method for molded rubber. It is ideal for low to medium volumes and a useful molding process for forming bulky parts, gaskets, seals and O-rings. It is a widely used, efficient, economical production method for many products particularly low production volumes of medium to large parts, materials with a high cost and applications that demand extreme hardness. The process involves compressing preformed rubber in a mold with a press. During the compression process, rubber is forced into the mold cavity to form the final product.


Rubber Compression Molding offers advantages over other methods by providing:

  • Tooling savings
  • Short setup time (saves on short production runs)
  • The capacity to process stiff, high durometer materials
  • Least amount of waste

Our Molding Capabilities

Qualiform Custom Rubber Molding creates quality custom rubber compression molding, custom transfer molding, custom rubber injection molding and rubber to metal bonding with the highest standards in customer service.

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THE CUSTOM RUBBER MOLDING EXPERTSComponent for Agricultural Equipment Rubber to
metal compression molding

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Qualiform Quality Assurance Program

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Qualiform is committed to implementing an effective quality program that will oversee, evaluate and document every aspect of our processes so as to comply with customer requirements and assure satisfaction with every product and service we provide.

Competitive Prices

Whether through R&D, design, engineering or manufacturing, Qualiform analyzes the entire project scope to determine the best solution. As a result, we’re able to offer a competitive price for a superior product.

Experienced Work Force

The Qualiform leadership team offers 130 years of combined knowledge and experience in all disciplines of the rubber mold industry. Qualiform employees are a valued asset. Qualiform pledges a continued dedication to investing in the expertise of our employees so as to maintain a status of quality performance and leadership.

Qualiform Custom Rubber Molder creates quality custom rubber compression molding, custom transfer molding, custom rubber injection molding and rubber to metal bonding with the highest standards in customer service.

Customer Service

Customers deserve timely communication that is reliable and professional. Qualiform Customer Service Support provides follow-up communication with every customer at each step of the process.  Moreover, they provide detailed information, ensuring customers’ specificaitions are met.

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Our technical staff is available to answer any questions call (330) 336-6777, or submit a question/inquiry through our Contact Form or Send Us a PDF.

Qualiform Inc.

Qualiform Rubber Molding is a Full-Service Custom Rubber Molder.

Qualiform, Inc. focuses on making custom molded rubber products. With more than 30+ years of industry experience, we’ve successfully serviced the transportation, medical, electrical, plumbing, industrial, appliance, and aerospace industries.  The capabilities at our Ohio facility enable us to meet the demands of such a wide variety of industries. There, we offer compression molding, transfer molding, and rubber injection molding. Although we are privately owned, we are nationally recognized.  Most important, we are committed to pursuing the best resources and technology to meet your unique rubber product needs.

Qualiform Rubber Molding News

We’ve upgraded to a new Barwell Performer! This upgrade to our compression molding services enables us to hold tighter tolerances on weight and increased capacity/throughput.  

Customers who need a quick response to their production needs can rest assured that need can be met! Qualiform’s 24-hour, three-shift operation means we can respond quickly and reliably.

A new lighting system in our facility results in significant savings.  Indeed, we’ve cut our energy cost on lighting facility by 50%, so we can keep customers’ costs low.

Companies who outsource their molding operations selected Qualiform as their preferred supplier.  They enjoy how Qualiform saves them money with zero interruption on productivity.  In addition,  they benefit from reduced costs and streamline processes.