Have you and your colleagues been planning to customize rubber to metal bonded parts for your next project? Connect with the experts from Qualiform today to get the most out of your next customization.

The Process of Customizing Rubber to Metal Bonded Parts / Why Collaborate With Qualiform for Custom Rubber to Metal Bonding?

The Process of Customizing Rubber to Metal Bonded Parts

rubber to metal bonded parts

You and your team may have worked with certain rubber fabrication methods in the past, but be unfamiliar with the benefits and complexities of rubber to metal bonding.  Rubber to metal bonded parts often aid in isolating vibration, resisting wear and forming seals. When a task requires a combination of flexibility and stability, rubber to metal bonding is often the ideal customization method.

When planning a production shift that involves rubber to metal bonded parts such as mounts or suspension components, the ideal fabrication method entails a combination of rubber injection molding and rubber transfer molding.

How does the rubber to metal bonding process work? First, fabricators degrease and remove any contaminants from the metal undergoing the bonding process. Next, fabricators spray a heat-activated adhesive on the metal and then insert the metal part into the mold cavity when ready. The mold closes and heat cures the rubber around the metal and activates the adhesive to facilitate bonding.

If a custom project requires total encapsulation of parts, then rubber fabricators can implement rubber insert molding. This variation of rubber to metal bonding involves the suspension of a metal part in a mold cavity for accurate bonding.

Are you and your team ready to start customizing rubber to metal bonded parts? If so, then connect with the manufacturing team from Qualiform today to find out more and take the next steps.

Why Collaborate With Qualiform for Custom Rubber to Metal Bonding?

Do you and your team need durable custom rubber to metal bonded parts for your next project? Without a doubt, you and your colleagues can count on the team from Qualiform for reliable components. Depend on the dedicated fabrication experts from Qualiform for reliable insight, direct collaboration and premier custom rubber manufacturing capabilities. When durable components, fast turnaround times and reliable customer service are priorities, Wadsworth, Ohio’s own Qualiform is your ideal partner company.

The Northeast Ohio business community has a distinct reputation of excellence in the manufacturing of rubber products. Qualiform continues this legacy through a commitment to product quality and compassionate customer service.

The Qualiform team fabricates an extensive range of rubber materials to fit nearly any project goal. To list, customers count on the experts from Qualiform for customization of neoprene, EPDM, nitrile, Viton, natural rubber and more.

Companies from across a diverse range of industries look to Qualiform for top-quality customization. For example, the company serves as a vital asset for agricultural, medical, and electrical applications.

If environmental sustainability in manufacturing is a priority to you and your team, then Qualiform could be the ideal fabrication team for you. Specifically, the Qualiform manufacturing team sets itself apart from competitors by allocating resources for a wide variety of green initiatives to keep rubber materials out of landfills.

Product quality is everything to the Qualiform manufacturing team. The company’s ISO 9001:2015 certification provides customers an indication of the team’s commitment to product integrity and durability.

Whether you and your team have been planning to invest in rubber to metal bonding, compression molding, rubber extrusion or other fabrication methods, you can feel confident in counting on the dedicated manufacturing team from Qualiform. Simply reach out to the team today to find out more and start your next customization.