Rubber Molding Capabilities

Qualiform offers exceptional molding capabilities to fulfill the quality and performance standards of nearly any application. As a leading supplier of custom rubber components, we provide the necessary versatility and expertise to create high-quality yet affordable solutions. Furthermore, Qualiform has extensive experience in the custom rubber molding industry. In fact, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of rubber components, materials and manufacturing techniques. As a result, Qualiform can help anyone design and manufacture the components they need.

Our customers need to have access to a diverse line of quality components for their unique applications, so we offer a variety of rubber parts manufacturing services:

  • Custom Rubber Molding
  • Injection Molding
  • Compression Molding
  • Transfer Molding
  • Rubber Extrusion
  • Rubber to Metal Bonding
  • Custom Rubber Grommets
  • Rubber Gaskets
  • Rubber Seals and Tubing
  • Rubber Recycling Stars
  • Custom Rubber Products

At Qualiform, we work closely with each of our clients, so we can develop a full understanding of their needs and application requirements. This includes determining which materials will work best, the parts for the application and the quantity of components requested. Our staff of rubber molding specialists will analyze all aspects of your project and find the best materials and methods to create the best possible solution.

Once we discern which methods are best for you and your budget, we can start designing tooling and creating rubber material compounds. As a result, we can effectively meet and exceed the performance standards of your application. Qualiform has access to a wide selection of rubber materials and compounds, so we can fulfill the requirements of nearly any project.

Quality Rubber Material Selection

Choosing rubber materials and compounds for your components can be a complex process. Many materials share characteristics, so it can make identifying the best material difficult during the initial design phases. However, working with a reputable rubber molding company like Qualiform helps minimize any confusion surrounding material selection. Our team of rubber manufacturing experts can provide the material recommendations you need for high-quality parts for your industry.

We take all factors of design, manufacturing and your application into consideration when selecting materials. Once we have a full understanding of your needs, we can make an accurate decision. Qualiform offers a diverse catalog of rubber materials and compounds, so we can help you create components that meet all your requirements. Our materials include types of both synthetic and natural rubber:

Qualiform takes pride in offering quality, precision and uniformity for all custom rubber components, so we always use the best available materials. Learn more about our available rubber materials here.

If you are looking for custom rubber molding services or simply want to learn more about our rubber molding capabilities, contact Qualiform today.

Factors Affecting Rubber Tolerances

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