Customizable Rubber Products for Any Industry

A selection of rubber extrusions and parts from Qualiform

If you are looking for a manufacturer of rubber extrusions for your next project, collaborate with the rubber molding experts at Qualiform. As an industry-leading company in all areas of rubber manufacturing, we can develop parts for virtually any application. We have manufactured countless custom rubber extrusions for a diverse array of industries. Whether you work in automotive, medicine, electronics, food processing, or even aerospace, we can deliver the high-quality components you need.

Here at Qualiform, we offer more than 40 years of experience in all things rubber molding. You will have the opportunity to discuss your application requirements and ideas with rubber extrusion experts. They will provide guidance throughout the process offering design and material recommendations to ensure you receive the best product for the job. We take all properties into consideration when designing your rubber extrusions including sealing, insulation, impact absorption, and various resistances to maximize performance and longevity.

Applications for Rubber Extrusions

Rubber extrusions are a uniquely versatile class of rubber components that can come in a seemingly endless selection of shapes and sizes. Many products in your home use rubber extrusions without anyone realizing it. Things like rubber trim, rubber seals, floor matting, connectors, bumpers, and weather-stripping are all rubber extrusions. For industrial situations, warehouses and facilities apply rubber extrusions in the form of rollers, sheets, and rods to absorb loud noises and intense vibrations.

Rubber extrusion applications also extend as far as pencil erasers, cars, and bicycles. In fact, they are even used in the construction of space shuttles and submarines. With their superior flexibility, durability, and impermeability, it is no wonder they are so common. The only challenge in creating the best rubber extrusions for your application is choosing the right rubber compounds.

Choosing the Ideal Materials for the Job

Qualiform's custom rubber extrusions, gaskets, and sealHow do you go about designing the perfect rubber extrusions for your particular application? Finding the ideal rubber compound requires a full understanding of the environmental factors of your industry, but even then, many compounds have overlapping properties. How do you know which is the best one?

You might be thinking about using synthetic rubber in the production of your rubber gaskets. This is not necessarily a bad choice. Synthetic rubber works in many different industries due to its exceptional resistance to abrasions, impacts, water, and extreme temperatures. It is also more affordable than natural rubber compounds. However, if you fail to recognize the presence of acids, oils, greases, fats, or ozone in your application, your new gaskets will not last a week.

With Qualiform, you can skip all the confusion with rubber material selection. We carry a comprehensive selection of rubber compounds including Butyl, EPDM, TPEs, and much more! Our team of rubber molding experts will provide recommendations for which compounds will work best in your application, so you never have to worry about picking the wrong one!

How Do We Make Rubber Extrusions?

Here at Qualiform Rubber Molding, we have optimized our extrusion processes for the highest levels of precision and uniformity. To start your project, we will create a custom extrusion die based on the desired configuration. We will then feed unvulcanized rubber into a hopper where a rotating screw applies pressure and heat to push the rubber into the custom die. The die causes the heated rubber to reform and match the cavity’s shape.

Once the rubber has adapted to the proper shape and cooled, we remove it from the die cavity and begin post-processing. Post-processing begins with curing the rubber with sulfur or another curing agent. We will then perform drilling, splicing, end joining, cutting to size, and power dusting depending on the requirements of the project. Our staff will provide updates and answer any questions you have throughout the process to ensure you are satisfied with your rubber extrusions.

Why Choose Qualiform Rubber Molding?

If you have been looking for a manufacturer of rubber extrusions or any other rubber molding services, you can rely on the experts at Qualiform Rubber Molding. When you search for rubber molding companies, you will run into countless links, but Qualiform is one of the few manufacturers with ISO 9001:2015 certification. This means we have consistently provided the highest quality products for numerous industries ranging from healthcare to aerospace.

Our staff of professional rubber molders will work with you from the early prototyping stages to final production, ensuring we meet all your quality and performance requirements. Our manufacturing facility also runs on a 3-shift/24-hour schedule, so we can adapt to your schedule and offer the quickest possible turnaround with competitive pricing.

Need rubber products but are unsure of what you are looking for? Get in touch with Qualiform today and speak with our technical staff to start planning your next project!