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Have you and your team been comparing custom rubber product manufacturers for your next project? Connect with the fabrication professionals from Qualiform today to learn more. 

Custom Rubber Product Manufacturers 

Choosing between custom rubber manufacturers should not have to be overwhelming. To benefit from the most cost-effective results possible, you and your team will need to set aside some time to determine project goals, material requirements and the ideal rubber fabrication method. Different manufacturers have different specialties, so it is critical to determine these and other factors early on. 

Take the time to get on the same page as your colleagues regarding the geometric complexity of designs, the function of the finished product and other factors. Such considerations can add to the cost of production. 

The material selection process is one of the most pivotal stages of rubber product design. Depending on the task at hand, a rubber part must withstand specific stresses. For example, nitrile rubber is particularly resistant to tearing, while neoprene rubber is notable for its resistance to various solvents. Reliable custom rubber manufacturers prioritize assisting the client to choose a material that will meet project specifications. 

You should also consider the fabrication method that will be most compatible with your project goals. For example, sometimes teams must choose between rubber injection molding and rubber transfer molding for a project. 

Rubber injection molding involves the carving of a part’s inverse into a mold, the pouring of molten rubber into this mold and the heating and hardening of the build material to form a custom part. Upon removal from the mold, fabricators trim any excess rubber away. This method minimizes waste material and can accommodate both fast cycle times and overmolding. However, it can cost more than other methods.  

On the other hand, rubber transfer molding refers to the process by which rubber fabricators compress molten rubber build material and then inject it into a custom mold to then harden. This fabrication method can accommodate particularly complex designs as well as parts that trap air within multiple cavities. However, rubber transfer molding does yield significant amounts of waste material. It can also come with higher mold maintenance costs than other rubber fabrication methods.

If you have been planning to partner with a fabrication company that prioritizes the client’s role in the design process and commits to product quality, then you can feel confident in choosing Qualiform. 

About Qualiform 

Among custom rubber product manufacturers, Wadsworth, Ohio’s Qualiform truly stands out. The Northeast Ohio business community has a legacy of excellence in the fabrication and manufacture of rubber products. Qualiform carries on the tradition through a dedication to product quality. Count on the fabrication professionals from Qualiform to work with your team from design to final product development.

Do you and your team prioritize American manufacturing and environmental sustainability? If so, then Qualiform may be the right partner company for your project. Significantly, the Qualiform team commits to keeping operations in the United States and dedicates resources to environmental initiatives to keep rubber out of landfills. 

Qualiform serves customers as a one-stop-shop for design and manufacturing. To list, Qualiform fabricates natural rubber, Viton, neoprene, EPDM, nitrile rubber and more. Client businesses across a diverse range of industries count on Qualiform for compression molding, rubber to metal bonding, rubber extrusion, rubber injection molding, rubber transfer molding and more. Connect with the manufacturing experts from Qualiform today to add the right design to your next project.