High-Quality Extrusions from Industry-Leading Extruded Rubber Manufacturers

If you are looking for extruded rubber manufacturers for your next project, Qualiform Rubber Molding is your go-to resource for all your extruded rubber needs. As a leading provider of high-quality rubber components, we offer a full range of rubber manufacturing services with unparalleled precision. In fact, we equip our staff of rubber molding experts with state-of-the-art equipment. So, we can more accurately produce custom rubber parts to your exact specifications.

Qualiform has been a leader among extruded rubber manufacturers for over 40 years, supplying a wide variety of industries with the high-quality parts they need. Thus, we have developed the necessary expertise for completing even the most difficult projects with complex parts and high performance standards. Most importantly, we maintain a quick turnaround and competitive pricing, so our customers get the parts they need on time at a price they can afford.

In addition to timely delivery and affordable pricing, our rubber extrusions offer a variety of other advantages:

  • Ability to create various unique shapes
  • Efficient and cost-effective production
  • Lightweight, durable products
  • Low waste production

If you are unsure if rubber extrusion is best for your next project, learn more about our process below or contact us directly to get professional recommendations from reliable industry experts.

Our Rubber Extrusion Process

Here at Qualiform, we create rubber extrusions with soft, unvulcanized rubber, and our process further softens these materials and increase their flexibility. Therefore, we must vulcanize the extruded rubber parts to harden them before they can be used.

Our extrusion process starts with feeding unvulcanized rubber materials into an extruder, which then feeds the rubber into a hopper. This hooper will push the materials through a series of flutes in a revolving screw. The screw will then push the rubber into a molding die that has been shaped with the cross-section of the desired product, and we will increase temperatures as the rubber reaches the die.

Once the rubber reaches the extrusion die, the pressure from the screw will force the rubber through the opening, and the material will begin to expand depending on the compound’s inherent hardness and other aspects. This swelling and expansion will require plus or minus tolerances on cross-sections.

Vulcanization of Rubber Extrusions

Vulcanization is a process familiar to all extruded rubber manufacturers. This a central part of post-processing for extruded rubber parts. Vulcanization not only makes the rubber materials much stronger, but it also improves performance in its application. Here at Qualiform, we cure the rubber with sulfur and other curing agents prior to performing other secondary processes like splicing, drilling, end joining, cutting to size, or power dusting to prevent sticking.

Vulcanizing the rubber will also cause the shrink or swell depending on the present compounds. Upon completing the vulcanization process, the component will usually reduce in size more at its center than at its ends. If any questions arise during the extrusion or vulcanization processes, our staff will be by your side to provide any helpful information you may need.

Extruded Rubber Manufacturers

Why Choose Qualiform Over Other Extruded Rubber Manufacturers?

If you have been searching for extruded rubber manufacturers, you have likely run into countless companies claiming to offer the best rubber manufacturing services in the industry. However, Qualiform Rubber Molding is one of few extruded rubber manufacturers that is certified to ISO 9001:2015. So, we are able to develop quality rubber parts for a wider range of applications and industries. In fact, Qualiform has been supplying high-profile industries like automotive, healthcare, marine, electronics, and even aerospace for many years.

Our central goal is to give every client the ideal extruded rubber component solutions for their projects. So, we work closely with our clients at every stage of the planning, design, and manufacturing processes to ensure we have a full understanding of what they need. As a result, we can consistently develop parts that meet and exceed quality and performance standards while giving our clients the highest possible value.

Here at Qualiform, we believe quality, precision, and uniformity are crucial to any rubber molding project. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility runs on a 3-shift/24-hour schedule, allowing us to offer more flexible scheduling, quicker lead times, and better pricing than our competitors.

If you are looking for extruded rubber manufacturers in your area, get in touch with Qualiform Rubber Molding today and start discussing your next project.

Extruded Rubber Manufacturers
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