Neoprene Extrusion From Qualiform Custom Molding

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What can neoprene extrusion add to your next project? Count on Qualiform for premier custom rubber fabrication services.

What is a Rubber Extrusion?

Have you been looking for custom neoprene rubber seals for your next project? Are you somewhat familiar with rubber molding or other fabrication methods but trying to learn about extrusion? Extrusion is a rubber fabrication method that involves the movement of a quantity of bulk rubber material through a die of a custom cross-section to produce a part. Manufacturers often use rubber extrusion to produce seals, gaskets, vibration reducers, hoses, tubing, and a variety of other custom parts.

Rubber extrusion is compatible with an extensive range of rubber material options and custom part forms. The method also allows for both economical and rapid production. In fact, many manufacturers choose rubber extrusion for its compatibility with both flexible and lightweight parts and its minimal waste production.

Why Choose Neoprene Extrusion for Your Project?

If your project requires significant resistance to oils and other solvents, then neoprene extrusion may be the solution for you. Neoprene is also notable for both high tensile strength and low compression set. Significantly, the material has proven useful across the transit, construction, food production, wire and cable and automotive industries in addition to numerous other fields.

What Products are Best made with Neoprene Rubber?

Neoprene rubber is produced either as solid rubber or in latex form and is used in a wide variety of applications, such as laptop sleeves, orthopaedic medical braces, electrical insulation, liquid and sheet-applied elastomeric membranes or flashings, and automotive fan belts. You may also find Neoprene in scuba suits and other marine equipment. Neoprene rubber is the perfect rubber material for any application where the rubber will need to block out moisture.

Choosing the Right Partner Company for Neoprene Extrusion

To benefit from the most cost-effective results, it will be critical to set aside some time to research potential neoprene extrusion partners. For example, it is important to look for a demonstrated history of compatibility and success with your industry in a rubber fabricator. Consider how long the company has been in business. Can you find an online portfolio of past projects?

If possible, then you should plan to visit a potential collaborator’s plant and meet with staff in person. This will give you a general idea of the team’s communication style and customer service. It can also provide the opportunity to evaluate the quality of the raw rubber stock a company has available, as well as the company’s machinery.

About Qualiform

The Northeast Ohio business community has a reputation of excellence all its own; the region has historically been a hub for premier rubber fabrication and manufacturing. The team from Wadsworth, Ohio’s Qualiform carries on the community’s legacy through their industry-leading fabrication capabilities.

The company distinguishes itself not only through rapid turnarounds but also through competitive prices. In addition, Qualiform customers benefit from an extensive selection of rubber materials. For example, the company provides EPDM, Viton, neoprene and nitrile rubber fabrication capabilities, and more.

In fact, the professionals from Qualiform commit to keeping prices low by aggressively monitoring the costs of raw materials. Companies committed to sustainability in manufacturing have found Qualiform an ideal partner company; Qualiform commits to green initiatives that keep rubber out of landfills.

If you have been looking for American-made products and an ISO 9001:2015-certified company, then you can feel confident in choosing Qualiform. The custom rubber fabrication experts from Qualiform dedicate themselves to customer satisfaction at every stage of the design and production processes. Whether you have been looking for neoprene extrusion, rubber to metal bonding, or custom molding, Qualiform can get the job done.

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