Custom Rubber Grommets

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Custom Rubber Grommets

Qualiform is a top manufacturer of custom rubber grommets. We work with OEM’s and aftermarket manufacturers to assist in the development of custom grommets in a variety of rubber and elastomeric materials.  We produce a full range of sizes and shapes in natural and synthetic rubber.  We can source custom rubber and elastomeric compounds to meet the requirements of any grommet application.  Custom grommet materials include Viton® grommets, silicone grommets, natural rubber grommets, EPDM grommets, and many more. We also offer custom compounds developed for your specific application. Contact our knowledgeable engineering staff for additional information on our rubber grommet manufacturing capabilities.

Our Molding Capabilities

The experts at Qualiform, LLC create quality custom rubber injection molding, custom rubber compression molding, custom transfer molding,  and rubber to metal bonding.

Our Specialties

Custom rubber grommet molding, Viton grommets, silicone grommets, natural rubber grommets, EPDM grommets, custom compound rubber molding, rubber grommet manufacturer.

Our technical staff is ready to assist you with all your custom rubber grommet molding needs.

Custom slit grommet molded by rubber transfer process.

Customized EDPM rubber grommets used for vibration isolation.

Custom Rubber Grommet | EPDM Rubber Molding

High-volume molding rubber grommet product.