Rubber Whip Antenna Assembly

Qualiform created these rubber whip antenna assemlies to keep construction equipment antennas from being damaged during use.

Custom Transfer Molding & Rubber to Metal Bonding

A client needed help with their rubber antennas getting ripped off of their construction equipment during use.  In response to this problem, we developed rubber to metal bonding solutions. The solution gave the antennas durability while maintaining their flexibility to prevent damage

For this solution, first, we used a special compound to creat these rubber whip antenna assemblies.  This compound meets both flexibility and fatigue requirements. Then we used transfer molding to finish the product. Clearly, Qualiform’s experience with rubber to metal bonding and creative problem-solving helped solve this problem.

Additonal problems can be solved with our many different custom rubber capabilities. Our team creates quality custom rubber compression molding, custom transfer molding, custom rubber injection molding and rubber to metal bonding.  The do so while meetingthe highest standards in customer service, too. Contact Qualiform Rubber Molding foryour custom rubber solutions today.

rubber whip antenna

Transfer Molding and Rubber to Metal Bonding Process for Rubber Whip Antenna Asemblies

Qualiform’s experience with rubber to metal bonding and creative problem-solving helped solve a problem with these rubber whip antennas. When transfer molding is used for rubber to metal bonding or over molding, the components are loaded into a heated mold.

Material is then loaded into the well pot of the transfer mold.  Once the mold closes, the rubber is heated and then transferred through the runner. The gate sprues into the mold cavities and around the metal insert.  With the pressure and elevated temperatures, the rubber cures and vulcanizes and then the parts are removed.

Rubber Whip Antenna | Custom Rubber Molding

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rubber whip antenna
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