Compression Molded Bumper for Suspension Application

This compression molded bumper for suspension application was designed for a customer who requested a specially created compound. Qualiform is an excellent source for custom projects that require special compound and designs.

The Rubber Compression Molding Process

The rubber compression molding process uses a preformed piece of uncured rubber that is placed in an open mold cavity. The mold is preheated to an elevated temperature.  As the mold closes in the press, the material is compressed and flows to fill the rubber mold cavity.

The combination of elevated temperatures and high-pressure activates the vulcanization process and curing of the rubber compound. Once an optimal cure is reached, the part hardens and cools then the mold is opened and the final part removed.  The next rubber preform is inserted into the mold and the cycle repeats.

The basic compression mold is usually a two-piece construction consisting of a top and bottom plate. Half of the part cavity is usually cut into each plate of the mold.  A trim area is created by grooves cut around each cavity allowing the excess rubber to flow out of the cavity.

Compression molds are typically secured between heated press platens.  The molded parts require trimming to remove the groove overflow.  An additional bake cycle may be required for partially cured parts.

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Custom Compression Molded Bumper for the Automotive Industry

Qualiform Rubber Molder has the experience to create special compounds to satisfy all customer needs. For example, an automotive truck application required a hard compound to be used to meet a certain deflection rate.

Qualiform has extensive experience with compression molding. We worked with the customer to create a special compound for this compression molding project that would provide long-lasting durability.

Qualiform Custom Rubber Molding creates quality rubber compression molding, transfer molding, injection rubber molding and rubber to metal bonding.

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