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Rubber Molding for Transportation

Rubber parts are critical for maintaining both safety and efficiency across multiple transportation fields. For example, rubber seals for both doors and windows, duct insulation, window seals, gaskets for lighting and engine door seals, all add to transit safety and productivity. 

To ensure both safe and efficient transportation, vehicle parts must withstand a diverse range of stresses. For example, these parts must resist abrasion, tearing, moisture, solvents and other chemicals and extreme weather conditions. For this reason, material selection is one of the most critical factors when designing rubber parts for transportation.

Choosing the Right Material

When you have an idea of the stresses your finished part will need to resist, you can choose the most cost-effective material for your project. For example, EPDM is an ideal choice for applications that require resistance to both water or UV radiation, while nitrile rubber resists both oil and water. 

If your project requires reliable adhesion to metals and resistance to oil, then you and your team may benefit most from neoprene fabrication. However, if you need a combination of sunlight and oil resistance, then Viton rubber may be the best choice for your task. 

A reliable rubber molding team will be able to assist you and your team in the material selection process. If possible, then meet in person with team members from the collaborator of your choice to streamline planning. 

What is Rubber Transfer Molding? Why Choose Rubber Transfer Molding?

Rubber transfer molding refers to the sequential compression and injection of rubber build material into a mold to form a custom part. This rubber fabrication method is useful for transportation applications as it can accommodate the bonding of rubber to more fragile parts, such as wire. Rubber transfer molding is also notable for its compatibility with complex designs that can trap air in multiple cavities. 

This rubber molding method also comes with shorter cycle times than compression rubber molding. It can also accommodate more component cavities than either compression molding or injection molding. 

About Qualiform 

Have you been searching for rubber molding for transportation? The Akron, Ohio area has long been a hub for excellence in both rubber manufacturing and fabrication. Qualiform of Wadsworth, Ohio keeps the tradition and going and preserves the community’s legacy through industry-leading rubber extrusion and molding services. In fact, companies across a diverse range of industries look to the Qualiform team for premier customizations. 

Customers choose Qualiform because they know they can count on both the company’s rapid turnarounds and competitive prices. They also know they can get the most out of their projects with Qualiform’s extensive rubber material selection. For example, the company offers excellence in EPDM, Viton, neoprene and nitrile rubber fabrication capabilities. 

Significantly, the professionals from Qualiform commit to aggressive monitoring of the costs of raw materials. This allows the company to keep prices as low as possible. Qualiform also demonstrates a commitment to sustainability in manufacturing; the company prioritizes green initiatives to keep rubber out of landfills. 

Have you been looking for American-made products and an ISO 9001:2015-certified company? If so, then you can feel confident in choosing the Qualiform team. Count on Qualiform if you have been searching for fabrication experts to dedicate themselves to quality at every stage of the design and production processes. 

Whether you have been looking for reliable rubber extrusion, rubber to metal bonding or custom molding, Qualiform has what it takes to help you get the most out of your project.

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