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Qualiform is a leading provider of custom rubber molding design and manufacturing for the transit and transportation industry. We offer versatile rubber molding capabilities for fulfilling the performance requirements of any client’s application.

As a result, we can effectively supply the transit and transportation industry with the automotive molded rubber parts it needs. Qualiform’s experience in working with transportation industry standards ensures each component exceeds specifications. These components include automotive rubber parts, transit door seals, transit van door seals and more.

The transit and transportation industry has uniquely high quality, safety and reliability standards. We have developed a full understanding of all aspects of custom rubber molding. Thus, we can help you design and produce any component you need. Furthermore, Qualiform specializes in a variety of precision manufacturing techniques including compression molding, injection molding, transfer molding and rubber to metal bonding.

Why Choose Qualiform?

Qualiform has been one of the leading automotive rubber parts manufacturers since 1976. We offer exceptional rubber materials and components for withstanding even the toughest applications. Therefore, our products are ideal for the transit and transportation industry. We work to offer the utmost precision and uniformity with every custom rubber molding project.

Choosing Qualiform means you get to work with a rubber manufacturer that is entirely customer-driven. In fact, we work with our clients throughout every step of the design and manufacturing processes. As a result, our customers receive professional design recommendations from expert technical staff.

We can also help our customers find the perfect rubber compounds for their parts. If you aren’t sure of what you need, we can help identify and develop the perfect compound for your application.

Transit and Transportation Custom Rubber Molding Services

Qualiform works to offer the versatility necessary for fulfilling almost any application requirements. So, we offer a wide variety of rubber molding services:

  • Custom Rubber Molding
  • Injection Molding
  • Compression Molding
  • Transfer Molding
  • Rubber Extrusion
  • Rubber to Metal Bonding

Here at Qualiform, we work closely with each client, so we can form a complete understanding of their needs. This includes identifying which materials are most effective, what components they need and the number of parts requested. Our technical staff will use all relevant information surrounding your project to determine the ideal materials and manufacturing methods. As a result, you receive the best custom rubber molding solutions in the industry.

Once we determine the most optimal and cost-effective route, we can design tooling and develop custom rubber compounds. This allows us to more effectively meet and exceed your performance standards. We have access to a diverse selection of high-quality rubber materials, so we can give you the perfect part for your application.

Rubber Material Selection

Selecting rubber materials and compounds for your parts can be a difficult process. Many rubber materials have overlapping characteristics, so identifying the best material is not always clear during the initial design phase. However, working with a proven custom rubber molding company like Qualiform can minimize confusion with choosing materials. Our team of rubber molding experts can offer accurate material recommendations for producing high-quality parts for your industry.

Qualiform supplies both synthetic and natural rubber materials:

  • Butyl
  • Colored Compounds
  • EPDM
  • Natural Rubber
  • Neoprene
  • Nitrile
  • SBR
  • Silicone
  • Viton™
  • Fiber Molding

Qualiform works to offer the most quality, precision and uniformity for all custom automotive rubber components, so we always utilize the best available materials. Learn more about our available rubber materials here.

Factors Affecting Rubber Tolerances

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