Suspension Part & Utility Cable Cap

  • Industry: Automotive Rubber Products
  • Application: Rubber to metal Suspension Part & Compression molded Utility Cable Cap
  • Process: Compression Molding & Rubber to Metal Bonding
  • Material: SBR Natural Rubber and Neoprene. Features light assembly secondary process.
  • On the left is a suspension product designed specifically for the automotive industry. It features our outstanding rubber to metal bonding capabilities. On the right, a compression molded utility cable cap a two-step operation.

Custom Compression Molding and Rubber to Metal Bonding for the Automotive Industry

Qualiform worked with the customers to design a rubber molding product with a rubber to withstand a particular load deflection which was designed to meet automotive truck market demands. We start bonding rubber by using an adhesive to adhere the rubber to the metal to ensure a proper rubber to metal bonding application.

For the utility cable cap, Qualiform used it’s extensive compression molding capabilities and a secondary operation to satisfy the customers demands. Qualiform experts formulated a compound to prevent permeability of gas escaping designed for use primarily in the utility market.

Qualiform Custom Rubber Molder creates quality custom rubber compression molding, custom transfer molding, custom rubber injection molding and rubber to metal bonding with the highest standards in customer service.

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Rubber to Metal Bonding
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