Viton Rubber Seals made from compression molding

  • Industry: Material Handling Industry
  • Product: Seal
  • Process: Compression Molding
  • Material: Viton Rubber

The Custom Viton® Molding Experts

Chemical Designation: Fluorinated Hydrocarbon

Good for use in most applications. Viton rubber maintains its properties and defies an array of corrosive fluids at high temperatures. It is resistant to harsh weather conditions, ozone, oxygen and flame. The best component from any standpoint – except the price.

What is Viton Rubber and How Is It Used?

Viton rubber is a high-performance fluoroelastomer polymer (FKM) that was originally introduced to the aerospace industry in 1957. Utilization of Viton® quickly eventually spread to other industries including automotive, chemical, fluid power and appliance.

Viton is a highly fluorinated polymer, so it offers exceptional performance in extremely hot and corrosive environments. It also offers superior resistance to aging, oxidizers, ozone, oils and various chemicals. However, Viton has limited use in low-temperature environments.

There are also multiple grades available for Viton® rubber, including copolymers and terpolymers. Common grades of Viton® include hexafluoropropylene, tetrafluoroethylene and vinylidene fluoride. Additionally, Viton was also the first elastomer of its kind to earn ISO 9000 registration worldwide.

Viton is a registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers.

viton rubber seal

How Viton Rubber Seals Are Used

Viton rubber seals prevent seepage of moisture or air in a multitude of applications. Qualiform is the source for custom rubber molding and manufactured viton rubber seals. No matter what application, Qualiform has the experience to solve a variety of sealing problems. We provide a comprehensive line of commercial and specification grade elastomers to fabricate a variety of rubber parts including:

  • Rubber Gaskets
  • Rubber Seals
  • Rubber Washers

Qualiform’s experienced team can assist you with your custom Viton rubber seal project.  Our technical staff considers many factors in the design process, so they can recommend the best method to meet your quality and cost requirements.  Furthermore, they can develop a new design if needed.

There are two separate stages in the life of a gasket or seal:

  • The part’s primary fit and function.
  • How well the part can endure its environment.

As a result, Qualiform’s experts consider both factors in the design stage of Viton rubber seals, so they will not be the weakest link in a product. Similarly, the consider environmental factors in gasket or seal application, such as

  • Flammability – UL specifications, heat resistance
  • Function – the motion acting upon it
  • Impermeability – exposure to gases
  • Organic materials needs – fungus resistance, odor, tastelessness
  • Temperature extremes – heat, cold
  • Weather exposure – water, ozone, sunlight

Whether you need large or small runs, our manufacturing capabilities mean a prompt response to your sealing needs.

Viton Rubber Compression Molding

The first rubber molding process, rubber compression molding, is ideal for low to medium volume production of rubber products. Compression molding is a widely used economical production method for low volume production of medium to large parts.  It is the best rubber molding process for materials with a high cost and applications that demand extreme hardness.

Rubber compression molding can produce a diverse range of precision rubber molded components and the affordable production of large, intricate products. It is often used to produce environmental seal products such as rubber o-rings, seals and gaskets.

Industries We Serve

  • Medical Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Lawn & Garden Industry
  • Electronic Industry
  • Transportation Industry
  • Material Handling Industry
  • Home Application Industry
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Our technical staff is ready to assist you with all your custom rubber molding needs.