Tire Curing Bladders | Shaping Bladders

  • Industry: Transportation Products
  • Application: Tire Curing Bladders/Shaping Bladders
  • Process: Transfer Molding
  • Material: Butyl Rubber Features special tooling design with temperature controlled zones
  • These rubber transfer tire curing bladders and shaping bladders were designed to be long-lasting.

Custom Transfer Molding

Qualiform works with the customer to formulate a special compound to provide long-lasting application for continuous use in the tire industry.

Contact Qualiform Rubber Molder for all your custom rubber transfer molding needs. Our knowledgeable technical staff can assist you with product development and design.

Qualiform Custom Rubber Molding creates quality custom rubber compression molding, custom transfer molding, custom rubber injection molding and rubber to metal bonding with the highest standards in customer service.

Rubber Transfer Molding

The rubber transfer molding process is ideal to produce both solid rubber parts, rubber part with inserts and parts that require bonding rubber to metal. Rubber transfer molding combines the advantages of injection molding with the ease of compression molding. Transfer molding is the ideal process for forming rubber products that require:

  • Exact positioning
  • Bonding rubber to fragile metal parts – such as wire
  • Mold designs that contain multiple cavities and can trap air
  • Intricate parts with lower volume requirements

Advantages of the Rubber Transfer Molding Process

Transfer molding offers several advantages over other methods by providing:

  • Shorter production cycles
  • Maintains closer dimensional tolerances than compression molding
  • Provides uniformity
  • Fast mold setup
  • Economical process with high cavity count per mold per cycle
  • Cost effective tooling
  • Allows for rubber to metal bonding
  • Allows for rubber over molding
  • Allows for  design flexibility, sharp edges and intricate parts

Our Specialties

Qualiform is one of the top US companies in the rubber molding industry. We create custom products using unique designs and special compounds. Our experience in rubber molding and rubber-to-metal bonding is unparalleled, giving us the problem-solving abilities to tackle specific molding challenges.

We specialize in transfer molding, rubber transfer molding, custom transfer molding, transportation transfer molding, transfer molds, and more.

Rubber to Metal Bonding
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