D-Shaped Rubber Extrusion

Application of D-Shaped Rubber Extrusion / Gaskets and Seals / Rubber Extrusion Process

Qualiform is a leading provider of Rubber Extrusion Services

Looking for a rubber molding company that can develop a high-quality d-shaped rubber extrusion? Qualiform is a leader in the rubber molding industry, so we can create custom designs, shapes, and sizes for virtually any application. We also offer access to a wide variety of quality rubber materials: SBR, Butyl, EPDM, Neoprene, Viton™, Nitrile, Fiber Forcified Rubber, Natural Rubber, and more!

Qualiform offers the experience and tools necessary for manufacturing rubber extrusions in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. We also offer full-service technical support, design recommendations, and material acquisition. So, many distinguished organizations in the automotive, marine, aerospace, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, electronics, and food processing industries depend on us for high-quality rubber extrusions.

We offer more than 40 years of experience as a rubber manufacturer, having earned our place as a leader in the rubber molding industry. By working closely with every client, we can gain a full understand of their application requirements for their D-shaped rubber extrusion project. We can also fully customize products to meet any set of quality and performance standards for rubber gaskets, seals, hoses, cords, tubing, and other extrusions with unique configurations.

With a diverse selection of rubber molding services and expert staff, we can extrude d-shaped products that meet and exceed customer expectations. Additionally, we can offer professional recommendations for sealing, insulation, sound and impact absorption, wear resistance, and other important elements for your project.

Applications for Custom Rubber Extrusions

Extruded rubber is a uniquely versatile option for creating rubber products. They offer excellent flexibility, resilience, and impermeability, so they are ideal for gaskets and seals.

Rubber extrusions are also common in various household applications. These applications include rubber trim, weatherstripping, seals, and floor matting are just a few of the many applications. In fact, you will even find rubber extrusions in pencil erasers.

D-shaped rubber extrusion applications outside of the home are found in bicycles, cars, and even space shuttles. They are also found in warehouses and manufacturing facilities as rubber sheets, rollers, and rods that absorb sound and vibration from industrial equipment.

Rubber Seals and Gaskets

Qualiform specializes in the production of seals and gaskets. These products can be found in a wide range of applications and industries. Some of these applications include EPDM rubber seals, rubber tubing, o-ring cords, locking gaskets, trim seals, and more.

Additionally, we can manufacture rubber extrusions as cords, squares, or custom hollow shapes. We can also provide expert recommendations for choosing the best rubber compounds for your application.

When you choose Qualiform, you will receive the highest quality D-shaped rubber extrusion customized to your specific application.

The Rubber Extrusion Process

As a leader in the manufacturing of D-shaped rubber extrusion products, we employ a high-precision process for all rubber extrusions. As a result, we can readily develop custom die to create the best products for your application.

The process begins with feeding unvulcanized rubber compounds into a hopper. We then use a rotating screw to apply pressure and heat as we feed the rubber into the die. The die forms the rubber to the desired shape, as the extrusion machine forces rubber into the die.

For post-processing, we vulcanize the rubber to strengthen the finished product. We also cure the materials with sulfur and various other curing agents. Furthermore, we offer many secondary processes including cutting to size, splicing, drilling, end joining, and powder dusting. Qualiform’s technical staff will work by your side to ensure you receive the best rubber products for your application.

If you are looking for competitively priced D-shaped rubber extrusion services or other rubber manufacturing services, contact Qualiform today!

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