Insert | Compression Transfer Mold

Inserts made from compression transfer molding

  • Industry: Lawn & Garden Industry
  • Application: Flange bearing housing for tractors
  • Process: Compression Transfer
  • Material: SBR Rubber
  • Highlights: Trivalent Zinc Coating

Lawn & Garden Rubber Molding

The Lawn & Garden industry has high-quality standards that most hold up to abuse in the field. Qualiform consistently delivers quality rubber parts that meet the demands of the lawn & garden industry. Qualiform specializes in lawn & garden compression molding, lawn & garden transfer molding, lawn & garden injection molding and lawn & garden rubber to metal bonding.

Rubber Compression Molding

The first rubber molding process, rubber compression molding, is ideal for low to medium volume production of rubber products. Compression molding is a widely used economical production method for low volume production of medium to large parts.  It is the best rubber molding process for materials with a high cost and applications that demand extreme hardness.

Rubber compression molding can produce a diverse range of precision rubber molded components and the affordable production of large, intricate products. It is often used to produce environmental seal products such as rubber o-rings, seals and gaskets.

Qualiform molds both natural rubber and synthetic rubber which include:

  • Butyl
  • Colored Compounds
  • EPDM
  • Natural Rubber
  • Neoprene
  • Nitrile
  • SBR
  • Viton™
  • Fiber Molding

Advantages of Rubber Compression Molding

Rubber Compression Molding offers advantages over other methods by providing:

  • Tooling savings
  • Short setup time (saves on short production runs)
  • The capacity to process stiff, high durometer materials
  • Ideal for large parts that require a long cure time
  • Maximized cavity count
  • Ideal for low volume part requirements
  • Ability to process most elastomers and cure systems

Our Specialties

Lawn & garden compression molding, lawn & garden transfer molding, lawn & garden injection molding, lawn & garden rubber to metal bonding, custom rubber parts manufacturer, rubber products manufacturer.

Rubber to Metal Bonding
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