Strain Relief Protector

  • Industry:Appliance Rubber Products
  • Application:Reduce Strain On Appliance Cords
  • Process:Injection Molding
  • Material:Non-conductive EPDM Features special non-conductive EPDM with high flexibility
  • Designed specifically for the appliance industry, this injection molded product was created to reduce the strain around the cord where is exits an appliance. Appearance was critical when designing this product to ensure a proper fit.

Custom Injection Molding for the Appliance Industry

At Qualiform, we formulated a special rubber to offer strain-resistance to protect the cord it was designed to fit. This rubber formulation was also designed to be nonconductive as it is being applied to an electrical cord.

This injection molded strain-relief protector was designed to be applied to a power tool. We worked with the customer to ensure a good fit. Understanding the customer’s standard for appearance and good fit was very important with this project.

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