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Qualiform is a leading rubber products manufacturer for colored rubber molding. Our colored rubber molding services ensure your colored part is consistent. Color rubber products are molded from various colored elastomers. Whether the need is to differentiate, improve consumer appeal, distinguish similar components, or highlight safety, Qualiform can ensure your colored rubber compound is consistent.

With a commitment to pursuing the best technology and resources in the industry, Qualiform engineers have the capability to produce colored rubber compounds with brilliant color quality and consistency at a competitive price. Qualiform’s staff work with clients to develop compounds to best meet production needs. Customized colors are available, and we provide custom mixing of the following elastomers:

Four Reason to Consider Colored Rubber Molded Products

  • Distinguish similar rubber parts
  • Reinforce brand identity
  • Safety
  • Assembly verification

colored rubber molding

High-Quality Colored Materials

Choosing the most effective colored rubber materials for your project can be a difficult process. Not only are there many different rubber materials to choose from, but most of these materials have overlapping features. Therefore, clear answers during the initial design phase are uncommon.

However, working with a reputable can simplify the process and eliminate any confusion. Qualiform has the necessary knowledge and experience to analyze your project and offer accurate material and color recommendations.

Colored Rubber Molding Materials

Qualiform Rubber Molding Proprietary Blend

Qualiform also offers a proprietary blend with reinforcing fibers. This blend increases wear resistance, durometer, abrasion resistance, toughness, and performance properties by implementing reinforcing fibers into the rubber materials.

colored rubber molding
Colored rubber molding can be used to reinforce brand identity, promote safety, simplify assembly, and help distinguish between parts.

What Sets us Apart in the Colored Rubber Molding World?

Qualiform Colored Rubber Molding
Choosing the right color for a custom-molded rubber part should be easy, but the manufacturing of colored rubber can be more challenging than you’d realize – that’s where Qualiform Rubber Molding can help. We have years of experience in custom rubber solutions of all kinds. Can custom colored rubber be a better choice than typical black rubber? We’ve highlighted a few points below on how Qualiform is the go-to manufacturer for colored molded rubber.

    • Excellent Vendor Relationships When molding colored rubber, the exact colorant needed is added during the rubber formulation and mixing stage – not at the molding stage like liquid colorant for plastic. Many of our vendors have dedicated mixing rooms for colored rubber and a few others have such a clean shop and robust carbon black controls that they can produce both black and colored rubber in the same facility. Either way, our vendors know that colored materials that ship to Qualiform have to be perfect every time. We always examine our dyes to ensure that the quality is held to our standard. Luckily, The Cleveland-Akron area is home to one of the highest quality distributors of colorant additives for rubber formulations in the country – The chemists and lab equipment available from this company for our suppliers and Qualiform are some of the best in the industry. As the process starts with raw material, Qualiform maintains excellent partnerships with our rubber material suppliers.
    • Clean Warehousing Practices
      Once colored rubber is received at Qualiform, great care is taken to be sure that it remains covered in order to limit or eliminate the possibility of contamination. We do very limited amounts of rubber mixing onsite and as a result, there are no free-floating fine dust particles to contaminate our rubber material. Our warehouse area is in a different room than the majority of our molding operations, which helps us further prevent any cross-contamination.
    • High Standards in Cleanliness
      Qualiform manufactures products to a high standard. Without attention to detail and careful sanitation practices, our quality would inevitably drop. Every day at shift change, our employees are responsible for cleaning up and around their machines. Brooms and dustpans are widely available throughout the facility. We also have a dedicated staff member to run our floor sweeper regularly to keep the undersides of the machines clean. Without attention to detail and the cleanest operations, your colored rubber products won’t maintain quality.
  • The Right Colored Rubber Molding Process
    The Process of molding colored rubber requires reducing the chances of contamination, including the steps required before molding. Because of this, Qualiform rarely compression molds colored rubber. Compression molding requires material to be performed using a mill and Barwell or gear pump extruder, which can both introduce potential color contamination into the rubber materials – contamination that will show up unfavorably in the end product. Transfer molding is usually Qualiform’s first choice for molding custom colored rubber parts.
  • With transfer molding, the material can be cut to the proper size and weight at the molding machine by the operator using a clean guillotine knife. This limits the opportunities for contamination. For higher volume colored rubber parts, Qualiform primarily uses injection molding for rubber products. This process is very economical for high volume production but requires careful cleaning of the machine prior to starting production, so it is only viable for parts that require long runs.

Does your Project Need Custom Colored Rubber Molding?

If you’re looking for experienced technicians to produce high-quality colored rubber molding, look no further than Qualiform rubber molding. Qualiform Rubber Molding offers a full range of rubber services to produce rubber components used across a wide range of industries.  Qualiform colored molded rubber products can be customized for a wide variety of industries and applications.

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