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Designed specifically for the medical industry, these compression molded custom hospital bed tires meet specific requirements for roll-ability and conductivity specifically for the medical industry. For these custom rubber products, we designed a special formula for a specific hardness to ensure proper roll-ability.

The formulation was also designed to be non-staining since floor appearance is critical in the hospital application. Due to being used in the medical industry, we molded these custom hospital bed tires to have certain nonconductive properties.

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Medical Rubber Molding Materials

Medical Rubber Molding Services

The medical industry has high-quality standards and specifications for their custom hospital bed tires and other medical rubber components. Qualiform is able to deliver consistently and meet the strict demands of the medical industry. We are equipped to respond quickly to unpredictable medical industry demands.

Medical Rubber Molding Services Offered:

Custom Hospital Bed Tires and Custom Dental Grips

Extending outside of our custom hospital bed tires, another product designed specifically for the medical industry by Qualiform are transfer molded custom dental grips. These dental grips help reduce fatigue when handling dental utensils. For this medical rubber molding project, Qualiform worked with the customer to satisfy specific requests for comfort. We formulated a special compound that met the characteristics required in that industry, good grip combined with comfort.

This comfort rubber compound for our custom dental grips is a special FDA white-listed ingredient. This compound met out customer’s application and need. These transfer-molded custom dental grips are available in a variety of colors.

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