Qualiform D Profile Rubber Seals

Are you searching for rubber extrusion profiles that provide reliable sealing and impact resistance? D profile rubber seals may be the perfect solution depending on your project’s specific needs. The Experts at Qualiform rubber manufacturers are capable of producing a full range of rubber extrusion profiles for a variety of industries and several applications. You can rely on us to develop custom rubber extrusions that are tailored to the specific durability, material components, and performance needs of your project.

However, every rubber extrusion profile has its own unique set of uses and advantages and applications. Keep reading below to find out more about whether Qualiform’s D profile rubber seals are the right extrusion for your next project.


What are D Profile Rubber Seals?

D profile rubber seals are one of many versatile extrusion profiles that offer effective sealing and various resistance properties. These rubber extrusions are most often manufactured with EPDM molding, neoprene, and TPE rubber compounds due to their incredible flexibility and resistance to tears in high impact environments. Our D profile rubber seals can withstand repetitive use during high-impact applications over and over again.

Applications for D profile rubber seals include edge protection, door seals, and decorative trim. D profile rubber seals protect the edges of glass and sheet metal, protecting them from drops and impacts in the automotive, aerospace, agricultural and industrial workspace. More importantly, they protect anyone carrying the glass or metal from the risk of injury on exposed glass.

D Profile rubber seals are versatile components that come in a wide range of shapes and sizes as well as rubber compounds. For example, D profile EPDM rubber offers both weathering and ozone resistance, allowing it to perform both indoors and outdoors. Natural rubber D profile extrusions, however, are designed for superior friction resistance and high tensile strength. Regardless of the rubber compound, rubber D profile extrusions have useful sealing and impact absorption properties.

These rubber extrusions are incredibly easy to install. Their unique “D” shape does not require any adhesive for application, so you can simply slide the D profile over the edge you are trying to protect or seal. This makes them easy to reuse for different tasks or projects.


Standard Rubber Compounds for D Profile Rubber Seals

EPDM Rubber

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) is a uniquely versatile, lightweight synthetic rubber that can be found in all types of extruded rubber profiles, including D profile rubber seals. The closed-cell nature of the compound makes it an ideal rubber sealing material. EPDM rubber is exceptionally resistant to weathering, making it applicable in a wide range of environments. In fact, it can even repel several corrosive chemicals.

However, this rubber compound is not an ideal choice in environments where it can come into contact with oils, gases, and fuels, or in food-based applications, a different rubber compound might be a better choice in these scenarios for producing D profile rubber seals.

Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE)

Thermoplastic elastomers are a class of copolymers manufactured with rubber and plastic polymers, so it combines advantages from both previous flexible rubber materials. In fact, its plastic element makes it much easier to recycle than other rubber extrusion compounds.

The central benefit of utilizing TPE for rubber D Profile Rubber Seals is its flexibility. This rubber material can be stretched to twice its initial length and return to its original shape once released. This makes this material an ideal choice for sealing and edges and decorative trim.

Neoprene Rubber

Neoprene, also commonly known as Polychloroprene (CR), is a rubber compound that offers a wide range of resistances. It outperforms other compounds in terms of abrasion resistance, protection from oil, petroleum, UV, ozone, fire, and various abrasive chemicals. In fact, you can find neoprene in products like automotive fan belts that are exposed to high temperatures, high impacts, and abrasions on a frequent basis. Neoprene molding is the perfect choice for edging and outdoor sealing for D profile rubber seals.

Which Compound is Best for Producing a D profile Rubber Seal?

Choosing between rubber compounds for your E profile rubber seal can be a complicated process. Consideration includes factors such as the application environment, resistances, flexibility, temperature exposure, and many more.

EPDM may seem like an obvious choice due to its adaptability and various resistances. However, if your application involves oils and gases, your product won’t perform as needed, and it could cost your team time and money.

If you are looking for an E profile rubber seal or other extruded rubber profiles, consider consulting with a reputable rubber processing company. Here at Qualiform, our technical staff is equipped to answer your questions and offer professional material recommendations according to your specific application environment.


Why Choose Qualiform Rubber Molding?

If you have been on the hunt for a custom rubber extrusions manufacturer, you’re no stranger to claims that various suppliers offer the best products on the market. Qualiform establishes itself above the competition with full certification to ISO 9001:2015. We are a long standing supplier of reliable rubber parts for a wide range of industries. Whether you work in agriculture or production, we can develop the right rubber component solutions for your project.

From the early stages of design to final production, we will work by your side to ensure your custom extruded rubber profiles are tailored to your exact specifications. Once we have a full understanding of your industry and functional requirements, we can adapt our rubber extrusion process to create the ideal product and satisfy all your performance requirements.

As a leading provider of d profile rubber seals and other rubber extrusions, we prioritize quality, precision, and consistency along with attentive customer service for every project. Our state-of-the-art production facility operates on a 3-shift/24-hour schedule, allowing us to easily work within your schedule while offering quick lead times, competitive pricing, and on-time delivery.

Contact Qualiform today to learn more about our D profile rubber seals or other custom rubber parts and molding services. We’re ready to start planning your next project!

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