What is Rubber Extrusion? What Are the Advantages?

Ensuring the durability of both rubber extrusions and seals is all about material selection.

Rubber extrusion refers to the process by which fabricators force a bulk rubber compound through a die of a cross-section to form a custom part. Examples of extruded rubber products include hoses, seals, tubing, connectors, gaskets, and vibration reducers. 

Different rubber fabrication methods can accommodate a diverse range of custom shapes and provides both efficient and economical production. Rubber extrusion also produces flexible and lightweight customizations while resulting in minimal waste material.

Choosing the Right Material for Rubber Extrusions and Seals

You can choose the right material for your rubber extrusion project when you have an understanding of the elements your finished product will need to withstand. For example, nitrile rubber is an ideal solution for applications that require significant resistance to both oil and water. This material neither hardens nor loses damping properties as quickly as other rubber compounds. 

A team may want to consider extruding EPDM, however, if an application requires UV resistance, stability across a wide range of temperatures, low levels of electrical conductivity, and water resistance. Significantly, the material often serves as a more affordable alternative to silicone and is ideal for HVAC tasks. 

Neoprene extrusion is an ideal choice for companies that require both oil and ozone resistance, abrasion and tear resistance, and reliable adhesion to metals. The material is especially effective for automotive applications, mass transit systems, construction and wire, and cable production, for example.

Viton rubber makes an effective choice for projects that require weather and sunlight resistance in combination with resistance to oils and other solvents. This rubber compound is notable for being both environmentally friendly and FDA compliant.

A reliable rubber fabrication company will be able to provide insight for you and your team during the material selection process. Whenever possible, meet in-person with representatives your supplier of choice to get the most from all stages of all project planning processes.

About Qualiform

The Northeast Ohio region has a rich history of excellence in the rubber manufacturing and fabrication industries. The team from Qualiform carries on the tradition and offers premier custom molded products and rubber extrusions and seals. Among other rubber fabricators in the region and beyond, Qualiform sets itself apart through leading large shot and large press capabilities. 

Above all, the team from Qualiform commits to product quality. Significantly, the team also prioritizes sustainable manufacturing and implements repurposed rubber materials. 

The Qualiform team has what you need whether you have been looking for extrusion, molding, or rubber to metal bonding. Qualiform customers can choose from an extensive material selection including natural rubber, EPDM, Viton, neoprene, nitrile, and more. Customers also count on the Qualiform team for both rapid turnarounds and competitive prices. In fact, the Qualiform team is able to keep prices low by aggressively monitoring the costs of raw materials. 

The Qualiform team makes products in America, and the company is ISO 9001:2015-certified. From the design stages to pricing to delivery, the Qualiform team commits to all clients. If you and your team have been looking for custom rubber extrusions and seals or other customizations, then you can feel confident in choosing the professionals from Qualiform.

Factors Affecting Rubber Tolerances

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