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We strive to be leading rubber parts manufacturers and offer both rubber molding and bonding of the highest quality. Above all, our goal is to provide customers with the best, most affordable, and most effective rubber products they need.

First, we take the time to understand what customers need. Then, we design and manufacture a product using high-quality materials and a process that gets the final product right every time.

Both Rubber Molding and Rubber Parts | Designed Products You Need

We’ve made it a priority over the years to always provide the best possible product. Our process includes design advice and working closely with you to get the product you need. Our goal is always manufacturing a consistent, high-quality product.

As a leading rubber molder, we have the technology and knowledge needed to create products and components that are available in a variety of colors, including blue, green, brown, beige, and yellow. If you have specific color needs, we can meet those needs and get you the exact product you want.

Accommodating Both Varying Sizes and Levels of Complexity

Significantly, Qualiform’s state of the art facility offers all kinds of in-house services.  To list, we offer include rubber injection molding, rubber to metal bonding, rubber compression molding, and rubber transfer molding.  However, it is important to remember that different methods suit different tasks.  For example, rubber injection molding is best for forming high-volume small to medium size parts, complex inserts, insert molding, and components that require uniformity. Such components generally include bumpers, gaskets, door stops, and shock absorbers.

Rubber Gaskets and Seals | Rubber Seal Products | Rubber Injection Molding | Appliance Rubber molding
Our technical staff is ready to assist you with all your custom rubber parts needs.

Choosing Experienced Rubber Parts Manufacturers

If you have been looking for reliable rubber parts manufacturers, then you can feel confident in choosing Qualiform. In fact, our process includes an effective quality assurance program. Overall, our goal is to meet your needs every time and maintain the high standards we set for ourselves.

Without a doubt, we take pride in offering a quality product at an affordable price. We work to know customer goals so we can get the job right the first time. However, when we do need to adjust, we will dedicate the time your project needs.

Our customer service team is critical to both ensuring effective communication and tying each process together. In all, a customer should both enjoy the process and get the end product you need.

If you want to know how our team could add to your project, then contact Qualiform today.

Qualiform Quality Assurance Program

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, the Qualiform team commits to thorough quality assurance. In fact, Qualiform professionals oversee, evaluate and document every step of the way. Overall, the team works to comply with customer requirements and assure satisfaction with every product and service.

Both Durable Products and Competitive Prices

Overall, competitive rubber molding pricing can only result from evaluation of every step of production. Whether through R&D, design, engineering or manufacturing, Qualiform analyzes the entire project scope to determine the best solution at the best price.

Both Quality Products and Experienced Rubber Parts Manufacturers

The Qualiform leadership team offers 130 years of combined knowledge and experience in all disciplines of the rubber mold industry. Qualiform employees are especially critical to providing premier service. The team dedicates itself to investing in the expertise of our employees to maintain both quality performance and leadership.

In all, Qualiform Custom Rubber Molder creates quality custom rubber compression molding, custom transfer molding, custom rubber injection molding and rubber to metal bonding with the highest standards in customer service.

A Rubber Parts Manufacturers with Superior Customer Service

Qualiform customer service professionals prioritize reliable, courteous and responsible communication. They also follow up with every customer, and collaborate with clients on each step of the process. Above all, the team prioritizes detail-oriented, customer-conscious professionalism.

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Questions? (330)-336-6777

Our technical staff is available to answer any rubber molding service questions call (330) 336-6777, or submit a question / inquiry through our Contact Form or Send Us a PDF.


A Full-Service Rubber Molding Manufacturer.

Above all, Qualiform, LLC maintains a focus on the premier manufacturing of custom molded rubber products. We commit to pursuing the both best technology and capabilities in the industry to meet your changing needs. With more than 30+ years of industry experience and success, we offer both services and products to meet the needs of businesses worldwide.

Qualiform’s Proprietary Blend

Without a doubt, the Qualiform team takes great pride in our proprietary rubber compound blend. This blend increases both wear and abrasion resistance. It also increases durometer, performance and toughness through reinforcing fibers. We offer our proprietary blend for all our available rubber materials.

Rubber Molding Materials

Qualiform Rubber News

Qualiform adds a new Barwell Preformer to upgrade our Compression Molding. The new equipment allows us to hold both tighter tolerances on weight and increased capacity/throughput.

Qualiform is installing a new lighting system to cut our energy cost on lighting by 50% in our facility, overall.

Qualiform selected as preferred supplier to companies outsourcing their rubber molding operations to both reduce cost and streamline processes with zero interruption on productivity.

Significantly, our team’s 24-hour three shift operation allows us to respond quickly to our customer’s production demands.

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Can Qualiform assist with the design of my custom rubber part?

Qualiform Rubber Molding can assist in the initial design phase all the way through your final approval of the part.

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