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If you have been looking for gasket extrusion or other custom rubber molding services, Qualiform’s rubber molding experts can help! As a leading supplier of custom rubber products, Qualiform offers high-quality rubber gaskets and various other rubber extrusions. In fact, we manufacture the best extruded rubber products in the united states.

Here at Qualiform, consistency, uniformity, and quality are crucial for creating reliable rubber parts. We have been developing standard and custom rubber products for over 40 years. So, you will always receive a product that meets your application requirements, part specifications, and quality standards. Furthermore, we offer innovative design techniques and exceptional rubber compounds to maintain our spot as a leading manufacturer of rubber component solutions.

Qualiform Rubber Molding is an invaluable resource for any rubber manufacturing project. Whether you are looking for gaskets, seals, grommets, bumpers, or any other extruded rubber profiles, Qualiform will always create the best parts for your application.

In fact, we have developed unparalleled problem-solving skills during our time as a rubber molding company. So, our team can handle even the toughest, high-volume projects while meeting your standards for quality and performance.

Gasket Extrusion Services

Qualiform specializes in the seal and gasket extrusion. Extruded gaskets and seals are ideal for a wide variety of applications including EPDM rubber seals, rubber tubing, o-ring cords, locking gaskets, trim seals, and more!

In addition to gaskets and seals, we offer custom extrusions for cords, squares, and hollow shapes. We can also offer professional recommendations for design and material selection if need be.

We can also create high-quality extrusions for cords, squares, or custom hollow shapes. Furthermore, we will provide any recommendations you may need in terms of design and material selection.

Qualiform also rubber extrusion offers many unique advantages:

  • Can create various unique shapes and configurations
  • Efficient and cost-effective production
  • Lightweight, high-strength products
  • Low waste production

The Gasket Extrusion Process

As a leading provider of rubber extrusion services, we can custom design die and tooling to meet your exact specifications. As a result, we can reliably offer the quality, precision, and uniformity for even the most difficult projects.

We begin the gasket extrusion by feeding unvulcanized rubber into a hopper. The rubber then moves from the hopper to a rotating screw. This screw applies pressure and heat as we continue to feed the rubber into the custom die. Then, the die performs all the rubber forming tasks to develop the parts you need.

After the rubber forming, we perform a variety of post-processing tasks. First, we vulcanized the rubber and increase the strength of the finished component. We can then cure the rubber materials with sulfur and other curing agents.

Qualiform also provides many secondary processes in addition to vulcanization and curing. Our secondary processes include splicing, drilling, cutting to size, end joining, and power dusting to prevent sticking. Our team of rubber molding experts will perform all secondary processes necessary, so you receive the best gasket extrusion service possible.

An ISO-Certified Rubber Molding Company

There are many gasket extrusion companies to choose from; however, Qualiform is one of the few rubber molding companies with certification to ISO 9001:2015. With advanced manufacturing equipment, quality materials, and expert staff, we offer the best rubber molding solutions to the industries we serve. In fact, our clientele includes organizations from many high-profile industries including aerospace, transportation, plumbing, electrical, and more!

Our experience in the rubber molding industry and state-of-the-art machinery allow us to offer exceptional precision for high-volume production runs as well as competitive pricing. Furthermore, we work on a 3-shift/24-hour schedule. So, we can reliably work within the time constraints and meet the delivery requirements of any project.

When you choose Qualiform, you receive professional guidance from industry experts from the beginning design phases of your project all the way to final production. Our mission to gain a full understanding of your application requirements and find the best possible solution.

If you are looking for gasket extrusion and custom rubber molding near you, contact Qualiform Rubber Molding today!

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